Saturday, April 29, 2017

May 9-14, 2016 ::: Georgetown, SC; Myrtle Beach, NC; Southport, NC; Morehead City, NC; Oriental, NC

Charleston to Georgetown

Miles of shallow water on the way to Southport, with stops in Barefoot Marina, Myrtle Beach, before arriving in the marina in Southport.

On the way to Swan Point Marina SONATA stopped at the New River Marina for a drink of diesel, some 200 gallons, reportedly the lowest price in the area.  At Swan Point SONATA docked in the travel lift basin.  The owners took us to a nearby restaurant and then picked us up, giving us some sweet bread for breakfast as we were to travel to Morehead City Yacht Basin the next morning.

A short stop at a favorite of ours, Oriental Marina and Inn, Oriental, NC.

Charlie relaxing on the bow on our way to the Belhaven Waterway Marina

Belhaven is a very nice marina, and, we met up with Sherri and Bruce Elder for dinner.  They were tennis buddies of Bonnie's while we were in Plantation Key for a month.

The Blimp Hangar at the Coast Guard Station in Elizabeth City; again a one night stay.

North from Elizabeth City up the Pasquotank River, possibly some of the prettiest waters on the East Coast.  Always quiet, still, green, and just plain beautiful.

Just cannot understand how this person hopes to enjoy the morning in his deer stand ... or maybe its his "river-beach-chair."

Arrival at the South Mills Lock to lock through with three other five boats.  Then off to the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center.

Scott and Fonda joined us at the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center ... for the ride up to Deep Creek and the return to SONATA to the Portsmouth "sea level."

At the Deep Creek Robert again brought us down to the correct sea-level, gave us a serenade on the shells, and complemented us on "loop #3" completion.

Our last eagle of the trip ... at the entry/exit, to the Dismal Swamp Canal

SONATA is just before passing under the Old Virginia RR Bridge, the Hammer Head Crane at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, in Portsmouth, is in the background.

Went past Ocean Yacht to look at Admiral's Landing Condo, the Third Floor right corner (no furniture on the balcony) to see if our condo was still there.  Our reacquired home for a while.

We were fortunate to have our dear friends, Dick and Betty greet us on arrival at the docks of Ocean Yacht.  They have wonderful travelers with us ... and we will do more.

May 18, 2016 :::  Alongside the dock at Ocean Yacht Marina ... good to be home.

The blog has now been completed.  Moving back to our condo home has taken time, Charlie's heart rehab took months, a little boat trip from Switzerland to Belgium in October took time ... and we are now ready to publish this blog.  Life on God's earth is such a pleasure, such a wonderful gift, and we thank Him for all that He has given to us.  We have been and are abundantly Blessed.

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