Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011 . . . Updated comment .....

Two days at the Bustards Islands, two at Collins Inlet; all without internet service. Now at the Sportsman's Inn Marina where internet service is extremely slow. Seven to ten minutes to load one photograph.

Monday we continue West . . . next internet will be at Little Current. Hopefully it will be faster.......

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 10-14, 2011 . . . To Kirkfield and on to Orillia

This sign greets you as you enter the Trent-Severn canal . . . Charlie was able to use the radio and make a "Security" call announcing our entrance and intended transit.

GREAT ESCAPE is traveling in front of SONATA through the canal.

The rock filled bank is close beside SONATA in this narrow channel.

Chart showing SONATA's route from Balsam Lake to Lake Simcoe.

SONATA's GPS chartplotter shows the depth of water as 2.3 feet . . . and that is with a one foot offset . . . just about a foot of water under the keel.

An picture of the canal from above.

One vessel either did not have a radio, failed to listen to the radio . . . nonetheless, we had to pass one vessel in a "wide" section of the canal.

Arrived in the Kirkfield lift lock, in the up position.

Charlie holding tight.

Bonnie's toes . . . a little rest on the high bow.

Don and Theresa alongside in the lock aboard GREAT ESCAPE.

Leave the lift lock and pass on into the wilderness.

GREAT ESCAPE passes through the "hole-in-the-wall", SONATA is next.

This is a "bunch of bull" . . . just watching us go by.

In this area where water is 8-10 feet deep, weeds grow up to the surface; this is a weed-eater at work, trimming the weeds down about four or so feet.

Bonnie helping SONATA check-in at the Orillia docks.

SONATA on the dock . . . where she will wait until we return from Kiawah Island.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 25, 2011 . . . Current location, plans . . . . . . .

Last time I said there was so much to talk about; I am still behind, catching up slowly.

Today we leave Byng Inlet, N45-46.068, W080-35.120 for an anchorage in Sandy Bay, 4.7 miles west of where we are. There is no internet there, maybe there will phone service. Cost of Verizon internet is prohibitive. Must use wi-fi in the marinas.

Our "pencil" plans are: Sandy Bay, to Bustards Islands, to Bad River, to Collins Inlet. Then a stop in Killarney at the Sportsman's Marina, then Heywood Island, the town of Little Current, Eagle Island, Blind River, Thessalon, and then into Lake Superior . . . yes, we are here, might as well at least get our toes wet. Then to DeTour and Lake Michigan..............

July 9, 2011 . . . Fenellon Falls

We have arrived at Fenellon Falls lock and are awaiting a lock through. The lock wall here will have power, water, and a closeness to the town. As it turns out Bonnie had to go through the channel and turn around, return to a small space between the boats and tie up in some 44' of space. Great job.

Following the hard work of getting secured to the pier . . . Bonnie and Theresa went for a swim in the canal . . . until the Lockmaster told them they could not swim there and to "get out of the water".

July 8, 2011 . . . Bobcaygeon

SONATA arrived in the narrow channel approching the Bobcaygeon lock. We will dock on the wall on the lower, down, side of the lock with GREAT ESCAPE.

Bonnie and Theresa enjoy the day boating on the canal . . .

Play time is over at Bobcaygeon . . . time now to depart for Fenellon Falls after some shopping.

Bonnie returns from a shopping tour.

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 6, 2011 . . . Youngs Point to Buckhorn

At Youngs Point we enjoyed having Don and Theresa, GREAT ESCAPE, join us for dinner.

On our way to our next stop, Buckhorn, we passed the anchorage location that had been planned as a standby. It is just off Juniper Island in Stoney Lake. Departing that location we passed . . .

. . . St. Peter's Church on the Rock . . .

. . . and the church parking lot. On our way out departing this area a number of pictures were taken for the memory . . .

. . . On with our trip to the Lovesick Lock.

At Lovesick a houseboat goes broadside in the lock in front of GREAT ESCAPE. The houseboats are hard to manage and most persons on the houseboats have little if any experience on the water . . . a hazard.

After lunch in Buckhorn we relaxed with GREAT ESCAPE in the park next to our "homes" at the lockwall. The chipmunk appeared and was a cute fellow to watch.

July 3, 2011 . . . On to Rice Lake and Peterborough

Continuing up the Trent-Severn Waterway we were met by a sea-plane on its way home, approaching overhead, and . . .

. . . landing and then all secure.

The beautiful Canada rural, farmland, countryside.

After anchoring over night in Rice Lake and finding in the am that overnight we were covered with tiny white bugs, we proceeded on toward Peterborough passing a deer enjoying his breakfast on the side of the Onatabee River.

Fishing must be good on the river.

Arrival in Peterborough placed us at the end of a pier, on the "T", just a few feet from the dockmaster's office and the terrific Karawatha ice cream.

Peterborough is a busy, active, beautiful city. We enjoyed an Indian dinner just blocks down from the marina, visited the bank to change more money, off to Canadian Tire, Staples, and other shopping. In the after noon the women of all ages passed us keeping in shape on the lake.

An afternoon shower produced some of God's beauty; promises...

Bonnie and Jennifer (aboard NOVA) plan the day.

In the park next to SONATA is a statue dedicated to Firemen . . . makes us thankful for our wonderful son-in-law and others that are in the service of others.

The Peterborough lift lock, we await our turn to enter one of the lift pans. The left one is down, the right one is up.

Jennifer and Mike aboard NOVA are with us in this lift. When ready the lockmaster will add about a foot of water to the lift pan that is up, the offset weight will allow the upper pan to lower and push the lower pan up to the top.

Rotation is complete, we are at the top and ready to exit . . . this is a view looking aft.