Friday, August 26, 2011

August 22-26, 2011 . . . Leland, Michigan

Soon after we arrived in Leland, with strong winds blowing, a sail boat, COCOMO, started to enter the harbor and turned too wide. In that turn a wave picked up the boat and set it aground on the nearby sandy beach. Each wave afterwards pushed it further ashore and closer to the rocky-breakwall. BIG TOW, a local tow service, attempted to pull the boat off, pulling on the bow.

First pull attempts . . . unsuccessful.

Second attempt, tow line located on the mast base rather than on the bow; and . . . after four hours a successful result.

There were five loopers in Leland. We had a looper party on SONATA the night of the sailboat grounding; Jerry and Jenny Reves, Charleston, SC, SWEETGRASS; Mark and Terri Wey, Goderich, Ontario, TERRMAR IV;

Frank and Cathy Hearn, Toronto, Ontario, SALTY PAWS; and Paul, traveling on board SWEETGRASS.

The next night we had a "pot-luck" dinner in the Marina Lounge,

and, we were joined by Bruce and Karen Macdonald, Ottawa; OOKPIK.

The next day we waited again for the wind's permission to depart.

The wind blew for four days at 20-30 knots . . . we waited for a calm day so we could leave. While waiting we took the bus from Leland to Traverse City and saw the movie "The Help". The movie was terrific, the setting was Charlie's home town, Jackson, Mississippi, in the early '60's, and is based on the book of the same title written by Charlie's neice, Kathryn Stockett.

Early on the 26th SONATA was underway by 0630 headed South. Noon we arrived at the entrance to Arcadia . . . winds again building to 25 knots in the afternoon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 16-23, 2011 . . . Beaver Island, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, Leland

Departing Beaver Island on the 16th we encountered early morning fog.

Entrance and arrival in Harbor Springs.

Channel Entrance Charlevoix.

Marina grounds.

Dock Office with water park in the foreground.

Earl A. Young, born in 1889, moved to Charlevoix at the beginning of the 1900's and grew up to become an architect with an unusual flair; houses that are known by some as the "mushroom houses." A few of those are shown here:

A small mushroom house, known by Young as "Half-house", it appears to have been cut-down-the-middle during its creation.

A medium house.

An X-tra large house.

A beach-house on Round Lake.

Charlie speaking with John Winn during the tour of John's home which includes John's collection of boats and boat accessories.

In the early evening of the 20th PARAMOUR, an Islander sailboat, came in and docked on the opposite side of the dock where SONATA was located. The skipper came in very fast . . . and tried to reverse as he entered the slip, his transmission/throttle handle disconnected due to a loose-screw and rather than going into reverse as intended . . . went full ahead. The boat crashed into the dock, the bow rode up over the dock and then with the help of bystanders was pushed backinto the water. An exciting evening.

PARAMOUR ended up docking next to SONATA in Leland . . . in 20-25 knot winds without incident.

The Lake Michigan water is crystal clear. The water, weeds growing under the bow of SONATA.

Another view off SONATA's stern.

SONATA's view of the Leland Marina from Berth #3; arrived in building winds that are to last for a couple of days.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 10-15, 2011 . . . Sault St. Marie to DeTour to Machinac Island to Beaver Island

SONATA in the George Kemp Marina with GREAT ESCAPE in the berth behind her; Soo locks at the top of the picture.

Departing the George Kemp marina SONATA pulls in behind the Great Laker AMERICAN MARINER . . . travels behind, then beside, then passes.

In the early sunrise as we prepare to depart DeTour, Michigan, a Great Laker passes on its way to Lake Superior.

SONATA leaves DeTour Harbor on the way to Mackinac Island.

Along the way SONATA passes two Great Lakers, both on the way to Lake Superior.

Approaching Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Island Hotel from the sea.

The hotel's gateway . . . a great place for lunch. We arrived by bike.

On the porch again . . . 2011, and . . .

in 2007 when we made the first loop trip.

The front porch, down the drive . . . and back to SONATA. Two days, it is time to move on.

Have talked about the clear water . . . these shots are the clear water behind SONATA in the marina. The sea grass, weeds, are growing well.

On the way to Beaver Island . . . and then the entrance into St. James harbor at Beaver Island where we had a terrific dinner at the local lodge.