Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 8 - 21, 2012 . . . St. Petersburg to Sanibel, Florida

SONATA alongside the City Dock at St. Petersburg . . . ready to get underway for points south.

Departing St. Petersburg we see the sailors and a sail boat race in Tampa Bay.

A white pelican alongside SONATA . . . resting.

Sarasota is just around the bend and once all secured we have the City Park behind us toward the Gulf in sunset and the steeple of the First Baptist Church on our bow. Sunday they had a very fine traditional service which we much enjoyed. We have enjoyed similar traditional services at the First Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg, and the First Baptist Church in Venice, our next stop.

In Venice we stayed at the Fisherman's Wharf Marina . . . which is really not open . . . in that there has been an 8 year battle between the owners and the local persons living in "double-wides" on the nearby bank . . . they claim that boats in the marina will "block their view". Their view is of a condo across the waterway.....

Our first bridge on the 20th as we continue south where we pass a fisherman, a couple of fishermen if you count the heron waiting for a snack.

On the way to Boca Grande we were blessed with a visit from the dolphins. They splashed alongside, jumped out of the water, rolled over on their sides and backs to look up at us . . . just appeared to have a delightful time swimming alongside SONATA.

In the marina we moored stern-to and got ready to tour.

We secured our golf cart and proceeded down the old railroad bed to see the south end of the island.

At the South end of the island we stopped for pictures; Charlie and Bonnie, and our TERRMAR IV travel companions, Mark and Terri.

From the beach to down-town we passed Banyan street and the beautiful trees there.

The Gasparilla Inn & Club was built in 1913 when the island was in the phosphate industry and over the years has been visited by many persons including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and George H.W. Bush.

After a stormy night, winds from the NNE 20-25, we depart Boca Grande for Pelican Bay . . . a three mile trip, where we see wildlife in the bay, run the dingy, walk the shell covered beach, and take a picture of SONATA at anchor.

Salute to Dee Dee and David . . . our toes.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

January 25, 2012 - February 8, 2012 . . . Clearwater, Florida to St. Petersburg

Lunch with Terri and Mark on Clearwater Beach.

SONATA at Clearwater with TERRMAR alongside.

Underway from Clearwater on the way to St. Petersburg, down the Intercoastal Waterway, under the bridges, pretty houses and golf courses along the waterway, dolphins playing in SONATA's bow and . . .

SONATA arrives at the Municipal Docks where Jane, long time friend of Bonnie's, and her husband, John, join us aboard for dinner.