Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 11, 2011 . . . Veteran's Day Parade, Knoxville, Tennessee

The Veteran's Day Parade, why are we here . . . Taylor's Band, Carter High School . . . is soon to pass by; and we are ready. It should also be noted that Charlie is a Veteran . . . 22 years of service!!

Are we in the South!!??

Taylor's band . . .

The band went by . . . and then there was Taylor, right there in front of us.

To conclude the evening we had a nice one hour drive to the Greenville, Tennessee, high school where Carter high school was playing a second championship game . . . Taylor's Band was performing and we went for the evening show. We almost froze . . . score ended up being 77 to 7.

November 10, 2011 . . . to Knoxville. Tennessee

Birds on the water . . . what kind are they????

On up the Tennessee . . .

SONATA passed the tug BEARCAT on the way to Knoxville.

First arriving in Knoxville is the University of Tennessee.

SONATA passes more Tennessee fan stuff . . . then the Volunteer Landing Marina is ahead; our berth until December 1st.

November 5-9, 2011 . . . Up the Little Tennessee and Tellico Rivers

After our return to SONATA from Nashville, Jonathan and Brandi joined us for an afternoon cruise up the Little Tennessee and Tellico Rivers. We returned to the Ft. Loudon Marina to let them go home, spent the evening, and then left the next day for several days up the Little Tennessee and Tellico Rivers.

Up the Little Tennessee and Tellico Rivers, a reportedly exclusive area, there are many, many, HUGE houses . . . retirement homes. The size and number of houses reduce greatly after mile 19.5 and the waters return to countryside beauty uncluttered by man.

The view from the rivers of the Smokey Mountains in the background . . . are breath-taking. This is a small collection . . .

The pictures cannot capture what we see in the 360 degree view, but we keep on taking more pictures.

The restoration Ft. Loudoun Fort ...

And SONATA leaves the Little Tennessee for the Tennessee and on to Knoxville.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

October 31-November 5, 2011 . . . Chattanooga to Ft. Loudon, Tennessee

Departing Chattanooga the trees along the river continue to be terrific. SONATA passes through the Chickamauga Lock and on to Shady Grove Harbor marina. SONATA firs tied in front of the flag, then we were asked to tie up at the end of the first docks for our overnight. Purchased a pair of Crocs . . . this picture is our am departure in the fog.

There was fog on the river as we left Soddy Creek for the river.

The fog lifted and opened the view to the reds along the river bank.

Have tried all along to capture an eagle on film . . . without success, then I see one on a log . . . he turns his back. A few miles more there are two overhead, one has something the other wants, and then, one overhead flying along. They are so beautiful.

Watts Bar Lock and Dam with its nuclear power plant. The Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Station is a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) nuclear reactor used for electric power generation and tritium production for nuclear weapons.

We stayed at the Blue Springs Marina on the left end of the dock in front of the marina office which was well stocked with boat needs. This was a very good stay, a very nice marina, with good people running the show. On the 4th we continued up river.

A Tennessee fan for sure! Note the color of the out-door-facility, the color of the boat, and the boat house. All Tennessee orange . . . with a huge "T" on the lawn.

At the Ft. Loudon Dam and Lock we locked thru with an 85' house boat and followed it into the Ft. Loudon marina for our two day stay.

In the early morning hours of the 5th Brandi and Jonathan picked us up for a trip to Nashville . . . to attend Taylor's high school band competition at the Independence High School stadium. The Carter High School Band takes the field.

Taylor's performance in the band competition . . .

Taylor after the competition . . . as she prepares to return home on the band-bus after receiving the results of the judges.