Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 27 - May 4, 2012 . . . Georgetown to Belhaven; stops in Myrtle Beach, Joyner, Swansboro, and Oriental

Only a few remain on the waterways; and old-fashioned cable-pull-across-the-water- ferry. Before we leave South Carolina and enter into North Carolina on the way to Georgetown for an overnight.

One night at Georgetown, the 27th, then two, the 28th and 29th, at Myrtle Beach. Departing Myrtle Beach we encountered the DOTTIE J out of Chesapeake, Virginia, southbound, and passed her port-to-port in the "rock pile" channel at Myrtle Beach. Good to see and talk with "home" equipment.

Next, a disabled boat by the swing bridge at Myrtle Beach being assisted by Tow BoatUS.

In the Cape Fear River we passed a sea-bound container carrier out of the Port of Wilmington.

An overnight at Joyner Marina, 30 May.

Passed the Camp Lejune target grounds without having to stop.

Then an overnight at Casper's Marina in Swansboro along with a looper on board a Grand Banks 42, SUN GYPSY.

Bridge repairs required a slow pass on the way into Moorehead City; then we had another frightful experience:

As SONATA, traveling north of Morehead City on the way to Oriental, approached Day Markers 34 and 35, a Hatteras Yacht was southbound at full throttle. The channels are like an up-side-down "Y" with the left leg, where SONATA was located and going North, the Hatteras on the long single leg of the "Y" southbound, and no vessels on the right hand side of the "Y". Unable to know which way the Hatteras was intending to proceed, i.e., down the right hand side to Beaufort, or the left hand side to Morehead City; a call was made on Channel 16 from SONATA to the southbound vessel. No response. A second call was made on Channel 13. No response, and the vessels drew closer. We were going to meet at the intersection of the "Y" and for SONATA to continue North we might cross the southbound vessel's bow . . . one whistle was sounded . . . no response. Southbound vessel continues at full speed . . . five whistles sounded and the southbound vessel slowed just in front of SONATA's bow. A call is made again on Channel 16, no response. The Hatteras proceeds south and a few minutes later, having reversed its course, approached SONATA'S stern slowing only feet from the swim-platform, then speeds past. Oh, to have a cannon!

The Hatteras, now known as KNOT AGAIN, speeds off and goes to Jarret Boat Works . . . only to return again and duplicate the full speed power run at SONATA. Radio, whistles, and finally the hailer were used to communicate but all without response from KNOT AGAIN. Would love to have a CANNON!!

We proceeded on to Oriental for two restful days:

Then Belhaven:

Rebecca and Murphy, Bonnie's tennis friends from Virginia Beach, met us for coctails and dinner.

Sunrise upon departure from Belhaven for Elizabeth City.

April 21 -26, 2012 . . . Hilton Head, Beaufort and Charleston, South Carolina

Arrival at Hilton Head Harbor.

SONATA in Hilton Head Harbor.

Ted and Charlie rest while Judy and Bonnie complete some shopping.

Barbara and Bill joined us aboard SONATA . . . to pick up Ted and Judy and give them a ride back to New Smyrna Beach.

John and his wife Susan met us upon our arrival.

The stop in Hilton Head was primarily so that Charlie could meet with his dearest high school friend, John.

John and Susan took us on a biking tour of Hilton Head followed with lunch at their nearby condo.

While biking we came upon some of Bonnie's animal friends, one crossing the road was trying to wave at her.

End of the visit, SONATA was ready to depart.

In Beaufort we took the carriage ride through town and viewed the old homes; what a terrific spot . . . many movies made here that we have enjoyed.

Charleston. We arrived at the City Dock and shortly thereafter we were on the bikes and off to the City Market.

Our lunch was first, Shrimp and Grits at Hymans Half Shell; second day we had lunch at SNOBS. So many good places to eat . . . so little time.

We contacted Jerry and Jenny Reves, SWEETGRASS, and they invited us to their home.

The next day Jerry became our personal tour guide to see Charleston:

Jerry and Jenny's first Charleston home.

Jerry's parents retirement home, still in the family.

Jerry's father was a math instructor at the Citidel, Jerry grew up on the site:

Where Jerry lived at the Citidel:

Then we were off to the Magnolia Cemetery, three Hundley submarine burial sites, and other history:

Then to Ashley Hall where Jerry is now working:

The Piggley Wiggley House.

An early am sunrise as we are underway departing Charleston for Georgetown, Myrtle Beach and on to Portsmouth.