Friday, April 01, 2016

February 23 - March 20, 2016 ::: Plantation Key, Islamorada, Jacksonville, Florida

Departing Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina put us back into the Florida Bay and some narrow channels.  While traveling up these small channels we passed OCEAN DANCER and later talked on the radio and phone with them.  They are waiting for crossing weather to the Bahamas.

SONATA and MANANA spent the evening at the Anchorage Resort in Key Largo.  A nice pool and more important a nice hot-tub to relax in during the late afternoon and early evening hours.


Off for Miami ... we passed a  1935 Trumpy yacht on its way down the Keys.  The yacht looked very fine, and it should.  A group of investors had purchased the boat from salvage, spent some 3-5 million dollars on its restoration and it surely displayed well!


SONATA and MANANA arrived in Miami and settled in Pelican Harbor Marina.  A pleasant uneventful cruise to await the arrival to Ted and Judy.

Good Morning Miami!

Ted and Judy, Bonnie's sister and brother-in-law, joined us aboard SONATA and will cruise from Miami back up the Florida East Coast to their home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


                           Here's how to move your yacht across the ocean or to another coast

                          The inlet at Fort Lauderdale we took when we went to the Bahamas.


A yacht being towed out of the New River that takes you to downtown Ft Lauderdale.  It is a
narrow river with a very strong current and it is amazing watching the mega yachts work
their way along its many twists and turns. We are entering it nervously!

Views of Miami and Fort Lauderdale up to Cooley's Landing Marina on the New River in Fort Lauderdale.  SONATA and MANANA took a nice drink of diesel from Anchor Petroleum on the way to the marina.  Anchor delivers the diesel by truck to the side of the vessel and at a very good price. 

A Saint Patrick's Day celebration in Fort Lauderdale ... why not sit, relax, and watch a nice parade. 

After a few days in Fort Lauderdale, time to move on further North, first stop being North Palm Beach.  The tide was stiff and made docking difficult, ... but not for Bonnie.


Our second stop was at the Four Fish Marina in Jensen Beach, Florida, where we found the Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House; a fine recommendation by the owner of the Four Fish Marina. 

Ted and Charlie discuss the best way to move SONATA up the waterway ...

We stopped in New Smyrna so that Ted and Judy could get home and Charlie could get over to Bert Fish Hospital for be "de-watered".  Met wonderful people at Bert Fish, and kind, efficient hospital. Dr. Rao, Cardiologists, who happened to be Judy's doctor, took charge of Charlie and got him prepared for the next event, which turned out to be Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  Judy and Bonnie got to visit with their cousins, Gary and Tim Matthews ... great to see them again!

Departing New Smyrna, we pass the condos where Ted and Judy live.

Did not spend the night in St. Augustine but continued on to Jacksonville, arriving at about 2300.


A long day from New Smyrna to Jacksonville, just over 11 hours, arriving at the Palm Cove Marina at just before 11:00 pm.  We are now set and seeing the physicians and staff at Mayo Clinic for a determination of Charlie's heart condition.  We anticipate having a firm and positive resolution in the next week or so.  We have known for five years that this event was arriving ... just did not have the timing down exactly.  Nonetheless, God had a plan, and we are in good hands here at Mayo.  We can stay on SONATA with shopping and conveniences nearby, and, Mayo is just a few miles away.  All is good!!