Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 22-26, 2011 . . . Smith Falls to Kingston, Ontario

Bonnie found a map . . . you can follow our route from Albany, New York, on the Hudson River to Waterford, west to Little Falls and on to Oswego. Then back east to Clayton, New York; over to Gananoque, Canada, to Brockville, to Montreal. Thence west on the Ottawa River to Ottawa, to Smith Falls, to where we are now, Kingston. On Monday, the 27th, we will go to Trenton then up, west, on the Trent-Severn waterway to Port Severn.

Up here . . . there are many black squirrels . . . this one, one of three, was beside SONATA at Smith Falls.

The Smith Falls water tower in the light rain, mist, of the morning as we leave to continue on to Kingston.

At the Narrows, Lock 35 on the Rideau Canal, Bonnie maneuvers SONATA into the lock. If you look close you can see that the bridge is opened by hand, the young lady is turning a crank that wheels the bridge open.

The channel, the passages are very narrow here. Where is the channel? Some appear no wider than one and one-half times the width of SONATA. Some locations, where there is a "corner", a turn in the channel . . . there is a sign to "Sound your Whistle." Love my new Kahlenberg whistle.

For the evening, the 23rd, we stopped at Chaffey's Lock, Lock 37; on the lower side of the lock, toward Kingston.

Now this is a scary sight! The "masked Canadian yellow string mouth sea monster;" Charlie. Laugh all you want . . . coming up the Erie SONATA's propellors struck many dead-heads and logs; through the St. Lawrence, this same event repeated itself. In the Ottawa River we were in 80 feet of water and struck something, not once, but twice. The rapid boom, boom, boom, of the propellor blades places panic in your heart. The sea monster went over the stern, and, and in the clear water, looked at the bottom, the shafts, the rudders, the propellors; ran his hand down the side of each blade . . . NO DAMAGE! We are so fortunate!

More beautiful narrow channels . . . with a left turn sign.

SONATA's wonderful 2010C Garmin GPS Chartplotter gives us our location and at least an indication of which way the "road" will turn.

We arrived in Kingston's Inner Harbor after a two plus hour wait at the last four, Kingston Mills, locks, Locks 46-49. A SeaRay had engine problems, could not start . . . the operator had left the airconditioning on while away from the boat and the battery was dead. We anchored late in the evening in the Inner Harbor to await morning and passage through the Causeway Bridge and our berth at the City Confederation Basin Marina.

With the skilful linehandling work of Stephen Anderson, Bonnie slipped SONATA into its berth, K6, next to MY CYN. We met and talked with Stephen and Cynthia Anderson, of MY CYN, and their daughter and granddaughter . . . about the Downeast Loop. MY CYN is on the Downeast Loop and will proceed outbound on the St. Lawrence to Boldt Castle on Hart Island, and on to Brockville, Montreal, and beyond . . . MY CYN is home ported in Naples. We will see them again in the spring.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 20-21,2011 . . . Ottawa to Smith Falls

Leaving Ottawa, headed west toward Kingston with a few stops along the way.

The Petoria Bridge, 10' clearance.

Traveling, locking to the West.

Mel and Jean Thomason aboard their vessel DOVEKIE.

While in a flight of three locks, a fellow on the wall commented that he was a boater but had never gone through any locks. We invited him aboard and he went with us, with SONATA, through the next two locks. We wish Avner Ginsburg well in his boating experiences.

Burritt's Rapids where we remained overnight, 30amp power available.

Our first photographed loon on this trip. Hope to see and hear many more.

The favorites of GREAT ESCAPE and SONATA; Theresa and Bonnie!!!

Lynn and Steve Budish, from Toronto on their way to Ottawa. Introduced to us by Don and Theresa at Smith Falls.

GREAT ESCAPE leaving Smith Falls, heading East to Ottawa.

June 17-19,2011 . . . Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The back of the Parliment building as seen from the Ottawa River.

The flight of 8 locks going up.

SONATA on the blue line, waiting for 0830 opening.

The wheels on the top of the lock door open the gates that allow the lock to discharge.

This wheel opens the lock door; one on each side.

These are the cables we place a line around, one from the bow, one from the stern, to hold SONATA tight to the lock wall.

The first lock, Lock #1, water spilling over the top of the door.

Bonnie returning after a survey of the flight of 8 locks.

Lock #1 gate open, ready for SONATA to enter and commence the flight of 8.

SONATA in the lock, lock being flooded, locking up.

Charlie has the bow; Bonnie the stern.

SONATA moving from one lock to another.

Bonnie intense in her job of moving SONATA from one lock to another.

A tour guide explaining to his listeners that the Rideau was built to protect Canadian shipping from the enemy from the south that wanted to take over the St. Lawrence River . . . he looked at us when he commented on the enemy from the south..........

Near the top of the 8, on top . . .

The Flight of 8

The Ottawa 1st Baptist Church, a block away from SONATA's berth, where we worshiped on Sunday the 19th. So good to hear an organ played well during a church service!

SONATA on the Rideau, Paraliment behind.

The top of the Paraliment Building.