Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept 5 - 15, 2009 ::: NYC to Ocean Marine, Portsmouth, VA

We departed Flushing Meadows, World's Fair Marina, New York, to head South to New York City's East River, the Hudson, and the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey.

Away from the pier we pass under the approach/departure path, the East end of LaGuardia's airport. Bonnie has been in and out of this location . . . so many times.

Just past LaGuardia is Riker's Island. Riker's Island is New York City's, the State of New York, prison. Charlie has some clients that continue to "live" there. They did not wave to us as we passed.

Leaving the Long Island Sound you pass into the East River, East of New York City. Where it narrows down you pass through a spot called "Hell's Gate," a spot know for turbulent waters. SONATA came through on an outgoing tide, calm waters, and an over-the-ground speed of some 11 knots. This speed was continued on through New York City until entering the Manasquan Inlet in New Jersey.

On down the East River and the New York City skyline, the cable car to Roosevelt Island . . .

The United Nations Building . . .

Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge you can see the Statute of Liberty in the distance. Charlie continues to want to walk the bridge . . . we will return to NYC.

Crossing the Hudson toward the Statute of Liberty we take a departure look at the southern end of Manhattan Island.

Under the Statute of Liberty, the location we used to mark the "official" completion of the Down East Loop. From here . . . we are on our way home, to our home port of Portsmouth, Virginia; Ocean Marine Yacht Center.

After clearing New York Harbor and the Narrows, we are at sea, on the Atlantic. The HANJIN NORFOLK passes us as it proceeds to Europe.

Into the Manasquan Inlet, departure from the Atlantic Ocean which carried a late day forecase of swells up to 10'. Inside will be much calmer.

Sunset on Barnegat Bay . . . on our way to the Beach Haven Yacht Club for fuel. Should arrive there about 1000 pm (2200).

This being our third trip through New Jersey . . . we took fewer pictures. We stayed at Cape May, this picture is our departure from the Cape May ferry terminal, into the Delaware Bay.

The bridge over the C&D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal) and we enter the Chesapeake after the C&D canal travel. We had good tide current across the Delaware, into the C&D and on to our anchorage.

Everyone wants to be on the dock wall, in the middle of downtown Annapolis. We were lucky, there was space available . . . so SONATA is on "EGO-ALLEY" in the middle of Annapolis. We enjoyed three days here.

Our dear cruising friends, Don and Theresa, joined us in Annapolis for a splendid several days. They then left for Baltimore and we continued south.

We departed Annapolis and the winds began to build out of the West. We planned for Pax River, Mill Creek, or Solomon's Island . . . but had to head East to Knapps Creek Bridge and Dun Cove for shelter. A nice evening and night tucked into the cove.

Calm on the way to Dun Cove, East side of Knapps Bridge.

Not yet ready to end our journey . . . we approach the Rappahannock River bridge on our way to the Tides Inn.

The Tides Inn and SONATA at the dock while we took a tour of Carter's Creek.

Our last day on the Chesapeake, the final trip into Norfolk, Portsmouth, to Ocean Marine . . . calm as calm can be. What a great smoothe final day for our trip.

As we turn off the Bay into the Hampton Roads Tunnel area a Navy Test Craft asks that we slow down, that we not create a wake for their diver . . . "WILCO".

Norfolk Harbor Reach, past the Naval Station and the grey warriors . . . we are on the final leg to Ocean Marine, our old berth. SONATA will enter the yard at Ocean Marine next week for some upkeep. She has earned a rest. There will be more, more new journeys . . . stay tuned, we will let you know where we go next. The DownEast Loop is planned to commence May of 2009.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept. 4, 2009 ::: US Open, Flushing Meadows, NY

Bonnie returned to NYC and with SONATA at Flushing Meadows, NY, the World's Fair Marina, we were next door to the US Open.

We obtained a "grounds-pass" ticket which allowed to all events, except the main statium, the Arthur Ashe.

We started to watch one event, the match between Del Potro and Melzer.

Del Potro won his match. He went on to win the US Open.

On the grounds were attractions from the time the World's Fair was held there . . . food and snacks to eat, and many items of wearing apparel for tennis fans.

We were fortunate again . . . to see Kim Clijsters. She likewise won the US Open. What a come-back for the young woman.

The evening was ended with a doubles match. Charlie is now so educated about tennis. In the doubles you must watch carefully, for often the point is over in just seconds. In singles you have the volleys back and forth that can go on and on . . . and you can see that happening. In doubles it is the serve and then the return . . . and that may be the point. Singles is endurance, doubles is skill and a mind game.